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Kolling Elementary School

Part of the Lake Central School Corporation, Kolling Elementary has been a part of St. John, IN for over 50 years. Originally built to take own the over-crowded conditions of Dyer from the early 1950’s, the school has been growing ever since. Kolling is currently located on an 8 acre wooded plot in the heart of St. John. There is a nature trail that was cut through in 1981 that offers a beautiful walk through that children enjoy every year. With over 27 classrooms, a full gymnasium, a computer lab, library, and full size cafeteria, Kolling offers everything needed for their students to succeed from grades K1-4th.

School Statistics has a great deal of data that allows us to compare Kolling to the rest of Indiana schools. We are able to get a great picture of how well Kolling is doing with their testing results in comparison to other schools throughout the state.

637 students (14′-15′)

Attendance %

ISTEP+ Percent Passing Avg
Kolling: 89.3%  –  Corporation: 80%  –  Indiana: 74.7%

School Accountability Grade
“A” – Kolling Elementary School received an A as its final letter grade for school accountability. “This grade reflects student performance and growth on Indiana’s English and Math basic skill tests.

General Information

Address: 8801 Wicker Avenue, Saint John, IN 46373
Phone: 219-365-8577
Fax: 219-365-6402
Grades: K1-4 
Nickname: Cougars
School Colors: Blue and White